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    And let LMB Associates manage your entire recruitment process. After taking the time to understand your company needs and culture, we will intelligently and thoroughly screen and filter candidates; provide insightful and in-depth assessments; present only top quality candidates; and deliver strong, high-performing, lasting talent to your growing team.
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    And benefit from a collaborative, personalized approach to recruiting. A passionate, hardworking businesswoman, Lorena has expertise in professional search: technology to operations, marketing to general management. From executive to entry level roles, LMB Associates delivers top quality candidates that fit your company culture and will contribute to your long-term success.

LMB Associates brings a personal touch to the recruitment process. We listen to our clients to understand their company goals and organizational needs. When we connect with candidates, we are equipped to assess their qualifications and motivations in order to determine the best professional and cultural fit. We complete search assignments with the confidence that both client and candidate will benefit from their new relationship for the long-term.

What our clients have to say about LMB Associates

  • LMB Associates helped us find outstanding new employees in a fraction of the time it would have taken us on our own and took care of managing all the moving parts, allowing my team to focus on our business.

    Gary Klaben, Managing Partner
    Coyle Financial Counsel
  • Working with LMB Associates has saved our company time and money; we have the added peace of mind knowing that Lorena’s work is of the highest professional quality.

    Harvey Marcus, President
    Convenience Concepts
  • We turn to Lorena to manage our hiring process because she is effective, efficient, fast, organized and reliable. When we work with LMB Associates, we are able to fill roles more quickly and with the highest quality of candidates.

    Jonathan Burr, CTO
    Farm Journal Media
  • Lorena Blonsky truly understands our culture and hiring requirements, and she consistently presents only top quality candidates. She's very responsive and a pleasure to work with.

    Shari Silverman, PHR, HR Manager
  • Lorena is able to quickly understand our needs and culture to find outstanding candidates for our growing firm. She has proven to be a valuable and trusted resource and we view her as a member of our team.

    Joel Schneider, President
    Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc.
  • Lorena thoughtfully and thoroughly vetted candidates before presenting them to us. And I am certain that her excellent representation of our company was a big factor in attracting such a strong pool of candidates.

    Raj Jayaraman, President
    Burton Medical