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Specialized Recruitment

"We turn to Lorena to manage our hiring process because she is effective, efficient, fast, organized and reliable. When we work with LMB Associates, we are able to fill roles more quickly and with the highest quality of candidates. Lorena’s personal attention to each individual candidate and to our unique job requirements is far superior to others. We do not have an HR professional dedicated to hiring on our technology staff; Lorena fills that void so that we can prioritize hiring and fill positions in a timely manner. Because of this, Lorena has become a key partner in our business."

Jonathan Burr, CTO, Farm Journal Media

Dedicated Recruitment Management

"Each time we look to add someone to our team, the process requires an immense amount of our time and resources, and takes us away from our daily responsibilities. When we hired LMB Associates, Lorena interviewed our team to learn our story and understand our business needs and company culture. She helped us find an outstanding new employee in a fraction of the time it would have taken us on our own and took care of managing all the moving parts, allowing my team to focus on our business. LMB Associates is now our go-to partner for streamlined hiring."

Gary Klaben, Managing Partner, Coyle Financial Counsel

LMB Associates has particular expertise and experience in specialized technology, finance, accounting and general management recruitment. Whether you are looking to identify hard-to-find candidates or are in need of an expert to manage your hiring process, LMB Associates will effectively accelerate your hiring timeline by finding the right people for the right jobs in the right environments.