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In the November 2021 issue of Harvard Business Review, Jonathan Frick, KC George, and Julie Coffman (all executives with Bain & Company) write about How To Attract Top Tech Talent. The authors acknowledge that labor shortages are high in general but for technical skills, the demand is fierce. Because tech giants and start-ups are attracting more and more candidates, non-tech companies may be struggling to compete for more limited resources. The authors offer 3 of the strongest influences on candidates and where they want to work: great points to consider if you are hiring or seeking new employment.
1. Where there is a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
2. Where senior management holds itself accountable and is committed to transparency
3. In a culture that fosters continuous learning and development

Sharing some quick takeaways from an Adam Grant article from the Wall Street Journal, Sat/Sun 10/9-10, 2021: The Real Meaning of Freedom at Work.
1. Many people are quitting their jobs. According to a LI poll, flexibility is now the fastest-rising job priority in the US.
2. Millennials are more interested in jobs that provide vacation and free time. They are less concerned about net worth and more concerned with personal freedom.
3. The debate about whether work should be in-person, remote, or hybrid is too simple. There are many more nuances and issues to address.
4. Real flexibility is having the autonomy to choose the people you work with, your goals, and your priorities.
5. Some positives, some negatives about remote work: for some, working from home is more stressful; for others it increases productivity and free time.
6. When people have the flexibility to work less, they are often better focused and more productive.
7. Offering different work choices is an opportunity to attract, motivate and retain good people.

While many candidates are getting hired, it remains challenging to get through HR departments that "lean too heavily on technology to weed out candidates," writes Rani Molla and Emily Stewart in their article Why Everybody’s Hiring But Nobody’s Getting Hired, America’s Broken Hiring System. I believe there is no substitute for human interaction: asking good questions and listening to the answers.

Whether or not you are looking for a new role, it is best to continue your own personal skills development. This month I invite you to read an article entitled Executive Coach's Secret to Higher Performance. Its author Cindy Risetter Meding has helped me personally get clarity regarding professional goals and strategize a plan of action to implement these goals successfully.

There has been so much talk about hybrid work models: pros and cons, are we going back? if so, when? I want to go back to the office or I want to work remotely ... The consulting firm McKinsey & Company recently published an article suggesting that "Organizations are clear that post-pandemic working will be hybrid. After that, the details get hazy." Check out the article: What Executives Are Saying About the Future of Hybrid Work.

This TED Talk challenged me to think differently about what it means to be a "good person" and the importance of embracing a growth mindset about our moral identity. In her TED Talk: How to Let Go of Being a Good Person - and Become a Better Person, Dolly Chugh shares her research, insight and simple lessons on how to let go of being a good person so we can grow to be better.

We all have competing priorities. When I recently faced a few of my own, my wise daughter shared with me the concept of "Even Over" statements. There are always tradeoffs, of course, and there is no right or wrong choice. Amazon, for example, chooses market share Even Over profit margins; many companies do the exact opposite. Even Overs can be a valuable tool for all of us. If you are seeking talent for your team or if you are looking for a new job, Even Overs can help prioritize what factors are most important to you. Check out a short Forbes article entitled: Navigate Competing Priorities Through "Even Over" Statements by contributing writer Shani Harmon. Perhaps the concept of Even Over will assist you to be more intentional about the tradeoffs you choose.

Are You a Giver or a Taker? Adam Grant questions which one we think we are and which one makes for a better employee and team player. His research shows some interesting turns and twists, and he offers some terrific insight.

Nicole Wood, CEO and Co-founder of Ama La Vida, shares practical, energizing and realistic tips in her article: How To Keep Your Team Motivated When Times Are Tough.

What a remarkable video about showing up and being your best self: Ryan Estis shares The Simple Secret to Happiness

Matt Cutts, former Google Engineer, discusses What Happens When a Silicon Valley Technologist Works for the Government, a good idea when seeking new and rewarding employment.

My colleague Labor and Employment Attorney Walker Lawrence shares insights in his article entitled Employers Continue to Struggle With Employee Leave Laws that Protect Parents in the Wake of Schools Reopening. Be sure to read about FFCRA benefits, whether you are an employee, an employer or both.

Expect the Unexpected: What We Can Learn From A Crisis by my friend, colleague and communications/public relations strategist Alyssa Burns. Alyssa shares with us the necessity for an evolving Crisis Communications Plan.

Forbes article on Why Leadership Training Doesn't Work, by Aaron Levy, Founder & CEO of Raise The Bar, a leadership enablement organization helping companies succeed in the new world of work. Aaron is the best selling author of Open, Honest, and Direct.

Tips on Communicating Credibility in Virtual Meetings and Presentations from Jeff and Kathleen Hornstein, experts who train and coach business professionals improve their public speaking skills.

Immigration Considerations for Foreign Nationals During Covid-19 by Lakshmi Lakshmanan, Immigration and Nationality Law Attorney. Lakshmi shares her knowledge regarding immigration and the status of foreign nationals at this uncertain time.

New Legal Protections for Job Candidates and Workers in Illinois and throughout the US by Lori Goldstein, Employment Attorney. Lori offers us insight into new laws for applicants, employees and contractors.

Laugh-out-loud funny message about learning from adversity and the strength that comes from determination: The Perks of Being a Pirate by Tom Nash; you are sure to enjoy it and find it inspirational, as I do.

Practical suggestions  on how to improve your leadership skills and a Leadership Quiz to assess your leadership effectiveness: How Will You Grow Your Leadership Skills This Year? by Cindy Risetter Meding

We meet with colleagues every day in professional and sometimes less professional settings. It's an opportunity to get to know one another.Priya Parker offers great advice from about keeping an open mind at holiday gatherings, inwork meetings and in many other settings:  3 Steps to Turn Everyday Get-togethers into Transformative Gatherings

My clients like to hire genuine people who are not afraid to be themselves. Here is a great article, picking up on Oscar Wilde's quote about being your authentic self:
Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken by Executive Coach Kathryn Hartrick

Creativity has never been more essential to competitiveness in the business world. Check out this TED Talk which offers A Key to Thinking Outside the Box by Alan Iny

Would you like to keep growing in your current role? Set yourself up for a promotion? Discover strategies on what it takes to be a successful leader:
What Makes Senior Leaders Successful by Executive Coach Parissa Behnia

Favorite TED Talk outlining 8 secrets of success:
Richard St. John will make you laugh and shares 8 Secrets of Success

Great interview advice:
How To Stand Out in An Interview by Cindy Risetter Meding

Only 24% of HR managers report receiving a thank you note. If you send one, people will notice: The Interview Thank You Note by Alexis Gladstone

One of my favorite TED Talks:
Alain De Botton speaks about Career Crisis and Anxiety and a Philosophy of Success

TED Talk by Jason Chen about Looking for a Job:
Highlight Your Ability Not Your Experience, When Looking for a Job